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Kitchen expansion and upgrade

This project is in a house far newer than we are used to, at 18 years old it’s probably on it’s third kitchen although this time done with thought and planning.

Newer houses tend to have smaller rooms so with this the existing kitchen and the adjacent small dining room will become one much bigger space.

The day we started knocking through to the unused dining room in this 18 year old house we first stripped the plasterboard from both sides of the partition wall to see what we needed to remove, with the concrete block wall revealed we can now demolish it.


All the existing walls are either stud walls or plasterboarded blockwork, quite normal on many modern houses, the wall are also drylined meaning no plaster over the top just filled joints and paint, below you can see the previous owner/builder had trouble removing the tiles from the walls and replaced the missing plasterboard with cement board on batterns, not ideal so despite removing all the tiles we will have to replace this with plasterboard on adhesive.

The main electrical consumer unit has been put in one of the wall cupboards so this will need to be removed, it has, in fact, got to be moved to the right about a metre so will leave the cupboard back board until it is moved.


With the wall gone , the RSJ installed and the plasterboarding done we can start on the floor, this is having underfloor electrical heating installed so as a retro fit and avoid digging up a perfectly good floor we are using 6mm special backing boards to lay the wires on.

The floor finish is real 15mm thick limestone slabs.


With the plastering done and the limestone floor down, the kitchen has started to be fitted, one of the main features is the fireplace for the cooker range.

The radiators will be removed permanently as will no longer be required.


Another view where the wall was and the bricked up dining room doorway, it’s sometimes easier and quicker to re-plaster entire walls than patch plastering smaller areas.


At the stage below we are really just waiting for the real granite worktops, with the kitchen in, painting best part done and electrics all done, we are just about there.


With the worktops installed and a few final tweaks, the kitchen is now in full use.