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Timber frame repair, Essex

This is one of those jobs that not many builders seem to take on these days, an old listed timber framed cottage, I have been doing these for over 10 years, every one different, every one proving a different challenge.

We did some preliminary investigation to see what needed doing, the front lower weatherboards had been covered with render which in itself was a bit ominous.

With the render removed and the weather boards off you can see what has been done and what hasn’t, above, on the left, the remainder of the sole plate is rotten and a previous repair has been done using just concrete, the bottoms of all the oak studs are rotten.

On the right below, the sole plate, although all there is rotten, you can see where I have removed some with just my hand as it crumbled to dust

The plan is to remove the top course of single bricks and replacing with a much bigger oak plate, the timber is sat on a slate damp proof course as there should be, most of the previous problem was lack of damp proof course and the ground had been banked up at the front.

The joints have all been pegged as no tenons remained, the main post by the door has an added loose tenon and pegged to add strength.

Back on the left some added stud timber can be seen as the studs were to short to bear down on the new plate, all the joints have also been resin filled.

Some final preparations before the new weather boarding can be fitted such as added Rockwool insulation and a lead flashing along the plate to direct the rain away from the brickwork.

On the right below the weather boards are now fitted along with some especially made infill pieces for the door architrave.

On the left the same applies with an additional piece made for the corner cover strip.