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New extension and kitchen refurbishment, Laindon Essex, Part 2

This is a multi part article, To see this project from the beginning, see Part 1

As mentioned in Part 1, Part 2 is showing the steelwork and structural alterations.

The main opening from the extension and the house was done prior to the roof going on, below you can see the RSJ’s buried in the ceiling void, this part of the house has been partitioned off since we opened up the back of the house so is actually the first time we have seen it from this side.


At this stage there are no doors or window in the extension, although boarded up of a night, the floor has had the screed laid, and the radiator fitted as a temporary measure to help keep it warm.


On the other side of the kitchen preparations are underway for the placing of steels in the second opening into the utility room, we have already removed the first floor brick flue stack and the chimney on the roof, next is the boiler flue brickwork in the kitchen.


This is not just brickwork but topped with 10 inches of very hard concrete, hats off to Tom with the small breaker he got the lot out, eventually.


Next the oven is to be removed and start cutting the walls etc for the steels, the utility room is a single storey flat roof extension so hopefully we can do this without having to cut out the roof.


Done, although very fiddly and time consuming, we got the steels in place without cutting out any of the roof, next the walls supporting the steels need rebuilding as the block inner wall is a bit lively and the pad stones fitted before the Acrows can come out.

Outside the bi-fold doors and window are fitted and the muddy ground has disappeared under a layer of roadstone, for now.



To continue reading about this project see, Part 3, internal finishing and fitting.