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Diary update, July 26th

Its been an interesting two weeks, with one week raining most of the time and the following week with 29 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

The third week of July was again frustrating as we couldn’t get on to the outside jobs we had planned, although I did get the extra tiling finished at Brentwood, plus other small jobs elsewhere.

The following week was full on as we tried to catch up with outside jobs while the sun was shining.

Firstly we had to get an outside painting job started, this was pretty straight forward as it was only the back walls to do.

This was in conjuction with the render repairs done a few weeks back.

But then the customer decided it looked so much better that he wanted the side done, as you can see its not in bad condition, just tatty and the signs of us being there last year.

Render patches from last years conversion.

Once done it really is starting to look a lot better and complete.

Now he wants the front done but that will have to wait until next week as Thursday was planned for the roof valley we have been trying to do for most of July.

Finally, Thursday morning, the sun was shining and we get to Ramsden Heath early, today was going to be a long day and we are hoping to get the whole job finished.

Once we started to take out the old valley lead, it was obvious the lead had been installed in one long 6 mtr piece, it should of been fitted in 2 metre lengths at least, so because it has nowhere to expand the lead had split in three places.

Above we have started putting back tiles with the new GRP valley lining and only used about 30 new tiles, mainly for the small angle cuts that broke when removed.

We finally finished around 7:30pm but was worth getting it done.

Tomorrow we have another one planned but will wait and see if the weather is good enough.