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Making planters from floorboards

One thing that intrigues me is finding different ways of recycling or re-using something that would otherwise of been thrown away.

I’ve always found it difficult to throw away wood and old floorboards are no exception, just recently I salvaged some from the Brentwood job and although some were split and some full of nails, decided to use them rather than skip them or burn them.

After a recent visit to a garden centre and looking for planters, I decided this would make a good use for these boards.

After a quick clean up of nails I cut them all to 500mm lengths and using a few off cuts of batten screwed them all together, even the split one’s got used and were ripped down and used for the bottom of the planters.

I made three from this batch and have now coated them with some spare fence paint I had left over.

The finished planters in use