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Oak staircase, Chelmsford, Essex

Over the last few weeks I have been installing an oak staircase in Chelmsford the main parts that will be seen are all oak and the remainder is in ply and other woods to keep it to a reasonable budget, this had been mainly pre-made in the workshop.

This is in a listed 200+ year old cottage so space is tight and the upper floor on two different levels.

The main posts and the winders are assembled first, as the cottage is old and of an oak timber frame, it’s not square or level and some thought has to go into where it will be fixed.

Another view of the middle of the staircase.

The upper part had to be cut into the existing floor before it can be installed.

And once done with some precision cutting has only a fraction of space around it.

The lower part went together easily with the pre-formed bottom step, again made in our workshop.

With a bit of finishing detail to the handrails and posts the main staircase is now complete.