Extension, Wickford Essex, Part 2

Internal finishes and external works.

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Externally the last thing to finish of the actual extension is the rendering,


Over the weekend the customer did some of the basic painting before I started tiling the floors, saves a lot of sheeting up.


The floor was tiled as this is going to be a multi purpose room, a utility room, somewhere for the dog to live and the computer area, the picture below was taken as units were being assembled for the office area.


Meanwhile the business part of the small toilet area has been installed.

This is a German unit with built in ventilation, very impressive, next will be the tiling.


With all the internal finishes done the pictures below show the overall job.




And the toilet area below.



Externally after all the mess was done with we laid the patio mainly with slabs removed prior to the extension being built and some stone slabs the customer already had, we made up the shortfall with new slabs, all to a random pattern.


The new one’s will tone down and in fact match the old slabs used.

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