GRP columns, Canvey Island

Although we didn’t get a picture before we started this little project was actually quite difficult and took some time.

Before we started this porch was looking tired and sorry for itself, it was supported with three timber beams, all rotting at the bases, and unevenly spaced causing a large portion of the roof to sag.


Straightening it out was the first job and was achieved with four Acrow props, the centre was jacked nearly two inches up, to create a solid base the block paving was removed and the Acrows were permanently fixed in place at equal spacings and wrapped with grp moulded columns, this in itself a task as the columns were one piece and not very flexible, to achieve this we had to cut a section out of the backs and re fit using grp bonding and filler.


This took three days to do properly, the block paving was cut and replaced to finish off the job, not a straight forward job, nor have we done anything like it before, but I do love a challenge, the end result speaks for itself.


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