New extension and kitchen refurbishment, Laindon Essex, Part 3

This is a multi part article, To see this project from the beginning, see Part 1

This part of the project we are preparing for the kitchen and finishes, the first phase of the plastering is done in the extension and the long wall in the kitchen, part of the job was adding niches which will be lit with downlighters, this can be seen below formed in the end wall of the bar.


The long wall also has niches/recesses the bigger one’s for a TV and radiator.


Due to limited space because of all the kitchen boxes, the kitchen floor has been laid first so we can install the base units and gain some space.

With the second phase of the plastering to be done in a few days, we are pushing ahead with the kitchen.


The extension is ready for the floor but we are using it for storage until the plastering is finished.


The utility room is also ready but again this is due for plastering, it is now 13th December and I have promised a working and usable kitchen for Christmas, a few late nights coming up methinks.


To continue reading about this project see Part 4

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