New extension and kitchen refurbishment, Laindon Essex, Part 4

This is a multi part article, To see this project from the beginning, see Part 1

Before Christmas we promised a working kitchen and by the skin of our teeth just done it, in fact I was still working at midnight on the 23rd December just to keep my promise.

The pictures below were taken today as we return on the 6th of January to finish of the details such as skirting, some of the doors have still not arrived despite this kitchen being ordered by the customer back in October, the supplier, Wrenn, good kitchen, rubbish service, even some of the units we installed were wrong and because of the time restrictions had to be adapted, not helpful when your on a tight schedule, the wall units only arrived on the 23rd December.

Anyway that said, pictures below show where we got to before Christmas.



The island will have a drop lit ceiling above it to mirror the shape, this will be made off site.





Hopefully, the remaining parts of the kitchen will arrive soon so we can get finished, we live in hope.

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