Reinforced concrete raft foundations

We are taking on more and more jobs specializing in concrete, steel and excavation, this one had been engineer designed and up to us to create it, we are only, at this point doing the foundations on this job.

This is how the house looked back in September when I went to look at this project, nice house you may think, the side extension was rotten and falling down and slowly sinking into the ground.


With the extension gone we are digging up the old concrete and and clearing the site.


The new foundations are laid in a huge hole 6 mtrs by 2.7 mtrs by over 4 foot deep, this has to be excavated in parts or the house will collapse, so we did half first then back fill half way up with crushed concrete hardcore, the other half is then done.

We had huge problems with running ground water and had to work with it much of the time.


Once all the crushed concrete is compacted in the bottom half of the hole the house is again safe, next  metres of steel cages and reinforcement mesh to be constructed and laid.


Reinforced steel cages going together after pumping out nearly 2 foot of water each morning.


With the steel cages done the steel mesh is laid in two layers, then the concrete shuttering can be fixed and leveled.


Early start and 11 metres of readymix concrete and one concrete pump later the footings and slab are finally poured.


That’s about it for us, seems strange not continuing with the building, but have done what we were asked to do.


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