Structural steelwork, Welling, Kent #1

Structural steelwork is one of the things we specialise in, having done a huge number of projects over the years we even do the steelwork support for other builders.

Day 1, existing first floor walls and ceiling supported, part of walls downstairs removed and 4.5 mtr RSJ in place



Day2/3, with the steel in place the rest of the wall was removed.


The remainder of the brick return is only worth saving as it has the original Victorian detailed corbels on the other side, saving it is a real challenge with only 300mm of brickwork below it, we marked out the new footing on the floorboards prior to any work 800mm down in the subfloor.


The other end of the steel has got it’s custom made padstone as required by the engineer.


With the floorboards up and part of the sleeper wall removed, we pinned and clad the remaining brickwork ready to remove the remainder of the sleeper wall below so we can finally dig out the 900mm square footing underneath.


Subfloor area now cleared and ready for restricted digging.


Footing dug out as required, concrete was poured with reinforced steel mesh before we left today, tomorrow the brick and blockwork can be built for RSJ support and reinstate wall support.


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